Freddy shirumba is a gospel artist singer based in Kenya. Has manage to release many audios and the most trending song is msalabani. The song is an inspiration not only to Christians but also to any listener. The song was released on October 8th 2020 and uploaded on YouTube. The most amazing part is that the song is really doing wonder, receiving a lot of views, attracting people attention. An interview with Freddy m hinted that he is willing to take his talent to the next level by engaging his audience not only through inspiration but also encouraging other growing artist to pursue their talents to the next level

freddy shirumba

Recently Freddy was live at MTN TV where he talked to his fans and promised them a good future of his gospel music life. The show was hosted by kingmigan with an aim of providing a platform for other youth to exclusively pursue their goals through gospel music


If you haven’t watched latest song from Freddy shirumba I recommend subscribing to his YouTube channels for inspirational gospel songs. You can follow Freddy  on all social media including Facebook, Instagram, twitter YouTube and etc.


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